Hello there!

My name is Victoria Masterson. Welcome to my digital portfolio! I'm a recent graduate (May 2020) from the University of Georgia with a B.A. in advertising, a film studies minor, and a new media certificate. I'm currently in search of work!

I decided to name my site MASTERSTUDIOS out of my passion for all types of creative work. With over ten years of self-taught video-editing experience, several freelance websites, and more social media content calendars than I can count, I hope to bring more awareness towards not only the significance of motion graphics, but also the value of originality, empathy, and diversity within the advertising industry.

In my free time, I enjoy swimming, video-editing, writing, cycling, and snuggling with my Golden Retriever. I'm also a big nerd (because it's cool to say that now---right?) who loves to binge anime or seek out inspiration from animated films.

I'm also an active alumna of Delta Gamma Fraternity, the former VP of Digital Media for Women in Media, and a volunteer camper and former puppy raiser for Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind, Inc.